School Services

Lake Central School Corporation


  • Each individual has dignity and worth.
  • Students are our number one priority.
  • People are responsible for their actions.
  • Excellence will only be achieved through continuous improvement.
  • Everyone can learn.
  • People learn in different ways and at different rates.
  • Teachers are critically important in every student’s education.
  • Education is a responsibility shared by students, staff, families and the entire community.
  • School provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning.
  • A positive school environment is essential for learning.
  • Success builds self-confidence.
  • Educated and involved citizens are necessary to sustain a democratic society.


The mission of the Lake Central School Corporation, as a family, community, and school partnership, is to ensure that each student becomes a selfdirected learner and a contributing responsible citizen through an instructional delivery system that engages students in achieving their personal best.

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